All About Building Signs

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Building signs are popular due to the fact that they contribute a lot towards attracting clients. They are usually available in three types namely dimensional signs, flat signs and electric signs. You can get them at Swift Signs – Building Signs. They are made differently as described below.

Flat signs
These signs still need someone with technical expertise to make them even though they are the simplest ones to make. They are usually made out of metal in order for them to be durable. There is a software program that deals in photo imaging that is used in designing flat signs. These are made to the customers satisfaction. The sign can either be cut from vinyl letters or printed on advanced durable vinyl, plastic or metal material. After this, the words needed are either riveted to the base or glued.

Dimensional signs
These use a range of materials. First the individual elements are designed and then the individual graphics, letters or design elements are cut out using a laser cutter. Most of the time, the elements and color effects are layered according to the customers desires. The kind of materials used matters a lot regardless of whether the sign is for interior or exterior use among others.

Electric signs
These refer to signs that give out light from within. The first process in making these signs start from layout on a computer. The image is then transferred to a piece of plastic. This plastic is normally attached to box containing a fluorescent light or another type of light inside it. This is in the case of a simple electric sign.

Neon lights on the other hand are made using tubes of illuminated glass and are formed by glass handlers. Channel signs contain individual elements and letters that are illuminated from within by the use of neon or LEDs.

Knowing the different types of signs and how they are made can help you in making a decision concerning the type that you want.

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