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It is not difficult to buy a good quality printer

Lexmark, HP, Canon and Epson are a few of the biggest manufacturers of inkjet printers and ink cartridges. These types of printers are less expensive than laser printers, but they also can have high maintenance costs. This is due to the high cost of replacing ink cartridges. Today there are a number of companies that manufacture copy cartridges that come at a much lower price than the manufacturers cartridges. Many consumers opt to purchase these to cut costs, especially when using the printer at home or in a small office. Other ways to save on ink cartridges include ink refilling and refilling machines, which can be found in many office supply stores. It is also possible to purchase ink cartridges online, and some great deals can be had that can include free shipping. It is easy enough to find these companies by doing a quick search in the internet.

Printers are highly sought-after pieces of equipment that are used in nearly all office set-ups today. They come in an array of sizes made by numerous top electronics manufacturers, and a variety of types are on the market today. In the past many consumers had dot-matrix printers, which now seem to be obsolete. Still, some businesses do use them, but most have replaced them with inkjet or laser printers.
The newest printer in the market is the 3D printer, although most households and offices will not need to use these high-tech printers. The most common printers are inkjet types, followed by laser printers. Inkjet printers print letters and pictures with droplets of ink and require ink to do this, which is housed in ink cartridges. Laser printers use toner. Toner is much more expensive than ink cartridges and as a result are usually only used by companies that do a large amount of printing.