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Designing the board room: interior designs that work

  • SumoMe

One of the most important office space in any office building is the board room. Why this is so, is because it is the heart of the company; many decisions are made, contracts won and lost, room for company conferences, etc. Taking its appearance for granted would be at the companys loss.

Before you get started, you have to understand the function of that office space. It is not like any office in the building. For all its worth, it should be the largest space and the least accessible part of the building. Remember this would be the room where clients and business partners would converge to make business deals.

Knowing your staff numbers, you should make available some space that can accommodate them as the same time conveniently (if you have a small member staff). The furniture should be arranged in such a manner that someone can leave stress free without inconveniencing another.

If it is a very large board room, it would need some speakers so people can hear efficiently. Every board room should have a Casio XJ projector for project presentation purposes and it should be placed in such a way that its image path cannot be blocked through human movement or faded by direct sunlight.

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