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How Long Does a Divorce Take?

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Deciding on a divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you will face. Before proceeding, you should be certain divorce is the only viable resolution. You are best off speaking to a qualified divorce lawyer before you begin anything.

As Colorado is a no-fault state, the only allowable reason for divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken as required by Colorado Statutes-Article 10-Sections:14-10-106. There is also a minimum qualification the filing party has resided in Colorado for at least 90 days. In addition, your petition must include all relevant information including the place and date when your marriage occurred, the date you separated, names and ages of any children impacted by the impending divorce and the financial agreements youve reached regarding any money and property.

Typically, once the decision is reached to divorce, the first question most people ask is how long will this take? While theres no one right answer, if there is no dispute by either party, then the required wait is 90 days. This delay allows you time to consider ways in which youre marriage might be saved, or if it cant be saved the time is available to settle any remaining issues.

However, the 90 days may lead to an additional 6-12 months if there are continuing unresolved situations. These may include:

– Distribution of Property-what properties and goods you own and the agreements as to which party receives what.

– Custody Rights- For children 18 or under, how much time will each parent receive in visitation rights as well as defined temporary and permanent residences for the children.

– Child Support-The amount of money that may be paid by one spouse to the other in support of any children 18 or under.

– Maintenance-How much money will be paid and for how long by one spouse in support of the other.

These questions can often be contentious and difficult to resolve. If necessary, the 6-12 months additional time will be utilized by yourself and the court for resolving any outstanding issues. Only when the court is satisfied all parties have been treated fairly and equitably will the divorce be granted.

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