HTC’s New Rezound Phone

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There is a new Android phone soon to hit the market, courtesy of HTC. The Rezound, a 4G device, features Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), but is scheduled for an enhancement to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) shortly. If youre a Droid owner already, you may want to consider upgrading to this new HTC model. And if you do not own an Android, now might be the time to jump on the smartphone bandwagon.

The Rezound is a robust, solid phone with plenty of resilience – a good choice for more clutzy users whose phones tend to undergo more than the average daily licking. While youll still of course need to safeguard the device with an adequate cell phone warranty, the Rezound will offer you a little more flexibility when it comes to everyday wear and tear. It measures 5.08″ X 2.58″ and weighs 6 ounces – and while that bulk may turn you off, its power specs will have the opposite effect. The Rezounds got a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor and a 4.3″ screen with a 1280 X 720-pixel resolution.

In speed tests, the phone clocked in at 12 mbps when it comes to download, and 10.38 mbps when it comes to upload time – not too shabby. Call quality on the Rezound is pretty spectacular, too – but thats not even the highlight on this new device – its audio quality is. The phone comes with Beats brand headphones offering an outstanding listening experience – and by the way, simply plugging the headphones into the phone prompts the included Beats Audio Software to be installed instantly.

In the photo-editing department, the Rezound offers a decent shooter, at 8 mega pixels, and all of the standard editing features. Image quality has been reported as clearer and crisper than average, however not so in dimmer light. Additionally, one last flaw in the device is its poor battery life. Other than that, HTCs new Rezound is definitely on the list of highly recommended smartphones.

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