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Kayaking Tour to Avicennia Island

  • SumoMe

Kenya provides the tourist big chances to enjoy trips all round the year. One can go watch the wildlife in the national parks and reserves spread around Kenya. There is so much to see that one can get confused on choices. After an enjoyment to various parks, it is time to set for the Kenyan coast for a relaxation in the waters of Indian ocean. A lot is in store for any tourist depending on where one is accommodated. There lot more activities also to enjoy including swimming, snorkeling, sand and sun bathing in the white sand beaches. Boat rides are also something to go by especially those with transparent bottoms. They provide a way for the visitors to see the underwater marine life as the boat maneuvers through the water. Other activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching and more.

In south coast Kenya, one can also enjoy kayaking activities. Avicennia Island in Funzi Shirazi bay. There is a mangrove tree (avicennia) that has thrived in Shirazi where the island got its name. There are tour companies who can offer guided tours to help you through the best points for Kayaking activity. River Ramisi in Funzi also provides a wonderful channels to do Kayaking through the mangrove forest and enjoy spectacular bird view and encounters with crocodiles here and there.

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