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Losing Pounds Faster

  • SumoMe

When you can successfully burn 500 calories more than the amount you actually take in each day, you can actually lose about a couple of pounds in a week. But some people want to lose their extra weight faster than this. To lose weight quickly, you must eat less and follow it up with more exercises. For people who consume about 1200 calories in a day, an hour of rigorous exercises can help them lose about five pounds in a week’s time. Losing more than this amount may turn out to be dangerous. Diet meals like those supplied by diet planners such as Nutrisystem can help you lose weight steadily. You can buy them using attractive savings vouchers like the Nutrisystem Code.

You can also consider reducing your starch and salt intake. This may bring down the weight quite fast initially. However, the weight loss through this method refers mainly to the weight from fluids and not fat. Instead, you can increase your vegetable intake to keep yourself full. You should also make it a point to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Eating eggs and poultry breasts, fruits and veggies, soy products and non fatty dairy foods, fish and lean meats can help you control weight gain.

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