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Making Parenting A Joint Undertaking

  • SumoMe

Few things are more important in parenting than making sure it is a joint endeavor. Although you may feel like you are carrying more of the load of parenting your young children (making doctors appointments, shopping for school clothes, helping with after school homework, remembering to buy the gift for the neighbors birthday party), you have to affirmatively make sure that your husband is a part of the parenting process. Come up with parenting policies together, and let your husband announce some of them. For example, try sitting down as a couple to talk about whether and what type of rules to set for screen time time in front of the TV, computer, and cell phone (youd be surprised how many fifth graders have their own cell phone these days, for example!).

If your husband is involved in coming up with and explaining rules on screen time to the kids, he will be more invested in helping enforce those rules on a day to day basis the little battles that add up to parenting victories! Similarly, have your husband help you decide the policy on chores how many, how often, and are they linked to allowance? The kids will see you as a united front, your husband will be more invested in helping guide the kids, and you will not feel like mean old mom all the time!

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