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Tips On Lake Pleasant Boat Rentals

If you decided on renting a boat with Lake Pleasant Boat Rentals but you do not have a single clue on how to do it then here are some great tips and tricks for you. First and foremost, research is the key. A lot of people who go on vacation would do their own research on the place or area they will be visiting. This is extremely helpful especially when it is your first time to go to that certain place. You should definitely look at travel reviews and blogs of experienced travelers to help you get an idea on how to rent a boat and also to gain some perspective on which rental shops offer the best deals. If you have friends who are into boating then you could definitely ask them for advice regarding what lake pleasant boat rentals they recommend. You could also ask them for some tips on how to choose a good boat. Basically, even if you do not know a single thing about boating or renting a boating you will still be able to get a good boat as long as you do your research and be smart. You may find a lot of available boats for rent but you should not just pick the first one you see. You need to browse and canvas the different boats available. Make sure that you take note of the prices and models of the boat to help you decide later on. You should also look for boat a rental shop that offers deals and promos to their customers. If you are on a limited budget then availing a deal or promo would be a big difference. It will potentially save you some money which you can use on other things or other activities during your vacation.

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Find out Is Someone Is married For Free

With the increase in online dating sites and the internet it is easier than ever to be dating someone half way around the world. With this much interconnectivity it has become a large challenge to protect yourself against predators and liars who can hide behind the anonymity of the internet.¬† Read more »

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I’ve recently read emails from several fellow missionaries and I’ve noticed that we missionaries tend to start our emails out with some reference to the weather. I’m not sure why. It’s not taught in missionary training or in a manual. It’s just an easy way to start, I guess. So, I must follow suit. Read more »

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Czech to Bosnia Central Europe Trip

Back in the 80s, there was a popular song by Willie Nelson called, ‘On the Road Again.’ I feel like this song title often describes my e- mail updates, and this one is no exception. After a fairly busy Spring, with trips to England (twice), Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, I’ve had a nice five-week, travel-free period in Austria.
However, on Saturday (July 2), I’m “on the road again” for most of July.

From Czech to Bosnia Read more »

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Austria Central Vacation Trip

Just a quick update to let you know that I haven’t fallen into the Danube River, but am alive and well in Austria. I leave on Sunday (April 10) for another trip and am travelling most of April and a good bit of May. So, I thought I’d better write and bring you up to speed on life and ministry with me. Read more »

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Christmas in Austria While on Vacation

Christmas Greetings from a very cold Austria!

In a dramatic departure from my typical Christmas letter/newsletter, I am resorting to sending my Christmas greetings via e-mail. I hate this because it’s boring and not as personal. Unfortunately, it’s necessary this year as I’ve run out of time to get the newsletters finished and mailed by the end of 2004. I hope you will forgive me this year and will look forward to a “real” newsletter in early 2005. Read more »

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Teaching English in Central Europe

Earlier in September, I was in Hungary to teach a class on communications and writing prayer letters to a group of new recruits joining OM teams in Albania, Kosovo, Romania and Bosnia. It’s always good to be reminded myself of the need to communicate with those “back home” who love, support and pray for me on this adventure to which the Lord has called me. So, here goes… Read more »

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Spring Travels in Europe

It’s finally Springtime in Europe, which is a welcomed relief!¬†However, last night I was in Vienna and wearing my heavy winter coat, gloves and a hat and was still cold, so the cold weather isn’t gone yet. Read more »

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The Washing Machine

When last we left our Central European missionary, she was without a washing machine for six months. During this time, she shared a machine with two other team members, but it was about a 15-minute walk from the Missionary’s apartment. Not a major inconvenience — in the big scheme — but an annoyance at times. When a small washing machine was offered to her, she jumped at the chance to have one in her small kitchen, even though it meant putting the microwave in the combo dining/living room. Again, no biggie. Read more »

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Albanian Hearing Clinic

Warm greetings from a cold and gloomy Austria! The weather has been quite dismal since returning to Europe just over a month ago. That hasn’t affected my travel schedule, however. I have been on the road for two weeks since returning: one week in Mosbach, Germany at the OM new recruits conference and then just last week on our team retreat in Regen, Germany. I am happy to report that I don’t have another trip until the first of March, when I visit the OM Hungary team. I am grateful for some concentrated time in Vienna to enjoy living in the City and getting more settled in. Read more »