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Spring Trip to Austria

Spring greetings from Austria, where the weather has finally turned to more spring-like temperatures after a very, very cold winter in Europe. We are all more than ready for warmer temperatures and sunshine, which the Lord has provided recently!! Read more »

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Central Europe Missionary Report

It’s Only Three Hours and One Border Stop Away

On November 2, a friend packed my car to the ceiling and I moved from Hungary to Austria to join OM’s Greater Europe (GE) in Stockerau, which is about is about 15 miles north of Vienna. I am really enjoying my new team, the new place to live and the new ministry opportunities. In my new role, I am able to concentrate more on communications work for OM’s Central Europe area, which is why I joined OM, as well as help with the communications for GE. (More about GE’s ministry later.  And, no, it doesn‘t stand for General Electric.)  I have already traveled a fair bit in the Area role, going to Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2003, I plan to visit the Czech Republic, Albania and the Balkans and Bosnia. Read more »