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Practical Applications for Kumon Math

  • SumoMe

It has been the same story since time immemorial where children always ask the question if there are any practical applications for math or at this time more specifically, Kumon Math. The reality is that math is a skill that finds many practical usage in everyday life like computing how much 5 gallons of gas would cost for example or how many miles it would take to reach your destination. Aside from these, there are more uses of math that we are not conscious of.

Cooking and Baking

We cook food every single day. In cooking, there are certain measurements to observe for the different ingredients. Now, if you want to cook only half or a third of the amount, you would need to divide the measurements accordingly. This is the same with baking, which requires specific measurements to make sure that the end product turns out right and is delicious. Supposing, a particular recipe for brownies can make 12 pieces, but you need 36 pieces. You need to multiply the quantity of all the ingredients accordingly to come out with the right proportion. All of these computations can be done in your mind.


Another great practical application for math is when you go shopping by yourself or with your family. Regardless if it is accessories, clothes, shoes, something for the home, school, or office, you will do some computations. When you see something on sale and it says 35 percent off the tag price. So you need to compute just how much you would pay for the item and the sales tax if any. Math is definitely used to make sure that the right change is given to you at the cashier. There are many other practical uses of Kumon math; we just need to be aware of them.

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