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The Best Lawn Mower

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You may be looking for a lawn mower to maintain your property or lawn that is full of bushes, plants, weeds , grass and other vegetation. You can use a powered self-propelled lawn mower or walk a behind brush cutter that is an ideal option for mowing weeds, tree saplings and heavy grass.

You need to outline the main features you are looking forward to find a lawn mower that will meet your needs and budget as well suit the size of your garden.

Types of Lawn Movers:

A cylinder type mower has a cylinder that has several moving blades, which cut against a fixed blade. It can give a neat and close cut. However, it is not effective for bushes and longer or rougher grass.

Powered or Hand Pushed?

You can buy an electric, petrol-powered or simply a hand-pushed model. For larger areas a cutting thick bushes and rough grass, petrol or electric mowers will work. Some of the powered models are heavy to lift and carry.

Hover mowers move on an air-cushion instead of wheels. They are similar to rotary lawn mowers, but there in grass collector. They are light in weight, easily maneuverable and can work on awkward-shaped lawns. They are most suitable for small lawns or gardens. But, they do not give a fine finish. Not collecting clippings is a drawback with these mowers.

Size Of Lawn:

The type of the lawn mower must match the size as well as the shape of your garden.

There are different sizes of mowers. For a small to medium size lawn between 500 sq.ft and 1500 sq. ft. a mower with 12 to 16 will be suitable. However, for lawns larger than 500 sq. ft., an electric operated mower is more suitable.

For larger lawns, up to 2500 sq. ft. or more, a mower with 16 -18 width will work. You may not have a power socket to cover all the areas and will need a small petrol operated mower. It may be difficult to push the petrol engine type mower in a large lawn and you can opt for a self-propelled version. You have the further option for a self-starter and that to be started with a cord.

Maneuverability and Ease of Operation:

The lawn mower should be maneuverable and simple to operate. Check the height of the handles. It is better if this height can be adjusted. The hand grips and switch should be comfortable.

Other considerations:

(*) It should preferably have a big grass catcher for collection so that you do not have to stop again and again to empty it.

(*) A rear roller is preferred to give a neat finish to lawn.

(*) A cable tidy with electric mower can help pack long cables.

(*) Look for the lawn mower that has a wide cutting range at different heights.

There are many types and models of mowers offered by big brands including Black & Decker, Flume, Hater and Bosch.

Go for a lawn mower that meets your needs, is easy, quick yo work and will give a neat and even finish on your lawn. You can select a top-rated lawn mower after going through various reviews.

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