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The Impact Of Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance

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In the daily pursuits of business particularly in the motor vehicle sector, vendors are usually faced with a lot of challenges which requires them to be insured. Any smart repairer with a van is required to have this kind of insurance. This is because when compared, the benefits of this insurance policy outweigh the stand alone policies of insurance. As the nature of their jobs demands, repairers at times drive their customers’ cars around when doing road tests. In this case therefore, they need to be properly insured for any eventualities that may arise in the course of their duties such as when driving their customers’ cars around the work place, or when the customer’s car is damaged as a result of poor workmanship.

This policy also provides cover to the repairer’s cars themselves while within the premises or even when away from the premises. In essence, if the dealer has a good flowing business he expects to experience uncertainties at any time. Consequently, this cover can also be taken to include all the properties in the premise including the buildings, machinery, tools and computers provided that the insured mentions these while applying for the cover. However, this will be accompanied by higher costs as the repairer will be required to pay a higher premium rate and the repairer should provide an indemnity for all these items.

It’s therefore essential to note that motor trade road risk insurance is a very essential part of a business cover for a service and repair garage. In a wider context, this policy provides cover for any motor vehicle owned by the insured or that which is in their custody and control. The repairer should also note that only those drivers working under him whom he has registered their names with the policy providing authority will be covered in case of any eventualities and no one else. If there is need to change this requirement he should specify the driver to the relevant authority.

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